Anthony Robbins Event – Self Defense Training

Thursday, January 12, 2012

As a Platinum Partner of Robbins Research International, I was able to attend a Tony Robbins Event in Cabo Mexico this past November. At this seminar, we focused on relationships, specifically your relationship with your intimate partner. I was thrilled when I found out the men in attendance would also be put through daily self-defense training. Tony’s goal for the male attendees was to have them embrace their masculine warrior side while learning to defend themselves and protect their family. Awesome! This is right up my alley and I always enjoy discussions and idea sharing with other Instructors in my field.

One of these instructors, Tim Larkin, President and Founder of Target Focus Training (TFT), specializes in defense against Asocial Violence. Asocial Violence is the most serious and dangerous violence of all. Unlike social aggression, Asocial Violence is unavoidable, often results in death or grievous bodily harm, and cannot be solved or prevented using social skills.

According to Tim’s web-site: “The violence that comes from social posturing is avoidable; it
is often loud, dramatic and instantly recognizable. You get to see it coming. And that means
you can dodge it if you choose to. Asocial violence, on the other hand, cannot be handled with social tools and is far less survivable. Negotiating with a serial killer is like arguing with a bullet – "if it’s coming your way, words are not going to deflect it.”

Tim provides more information on Asocial Violence and tips to keep you safe in this video:


Tim is right in saying that prevention is the most effective form of personal safety.
Unfortunately, many of us rely on prevention techniques, such as common sense and street
smarts, as our sole form of safety. The important thing to remember is that personal safety
is contingent upon a two-part plan: Prevention and Protection! Your prevention skills and
techniques will NOT stop a criminal who is committed to using Asocial Violence against you.

Imagine if someone where to attack you or a loved one today. What would you do? What
would your loved ones do? Whether you choose to learn how to effectively protect yourself at a safe distance with a very reputable pepper spray, learn some TFT defensive tactics, or both, it is vital to have a plan that includes protecting yourself and your loved ones in any dangerous situation!

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