Sunday, June 19, 2011

A bat to the face!  Punches and strikes from multiple subjects!  The city's most popular neighborhoods are being victimized.  Those taking public transportation are also at risk.  Here is what you must do to increase your personal safety:


  1. Be Alert
  2. Hide your Valuables
  3. Travel in Groups
  4. Change your Plans
  5. Move or Cooperate



I walked passed a young woman earlier this week near 11th and S. Michigan Ave.  She had her head down while texting with ear buds in place.  I think it’s safe to say she hasn’t been watching the local Chicago news over the past few weeks.  I don’t mean to pick on her, but she’s making herself very vulnerable, a prime candidate for a mob attack or any attack for that matter.  They want your belongings and they want you to be distracted.  You need a relaxed 360 degree awareness.  Be ready to act, move and get to safe place. 



Parked vehicles, buses and the L, although the attacks are random, the result are the same as the perpetrators take others personal belongings with force.  I-Phones, I-Pods and I-Pads, they are after expensive gadgets.  One of the smartest things we can do is to simply not use these devices when in public.  Keep them stored away, safely out of the public eye.  We must find a safer way to spend our time during our commutes.  Either read a magazine or newspaper while taking frequent glances around you or just be observant.



There is strength in numbers.  If possible, commute with as many others as you can.  If you must commute alone, carry pepper spray in hand and stay alert.  The great thing about pepper spray is it gives you the ability to protect yourself against multiple threats.  Spray the closest threat first and then move to the next closest.  If you deter or incapacitate the leader, often times the others will retreat.  Get separation and move quickly to safety!


I do not recommend attempting to use pepper spray if you face more than a few attackers, especially if many approach you at the same time.  In this case, if you cannot escape, it is best to cooperate and give them your possessions.


If their goal is to physically harm you, then I do recommend the spray or anything that will give you the opportunity to escape!



How important is that errand?  Can you take a cab instead?  Are there safer alternatives?  Think ahead and plan the safest option possible.  The inconvenience or extra time required to get to your destination are worth your personal safety and preventing the waste of time spent dealing with the aftermath of an attack.



See a potential mob approaching?  MOVE!   MOVE & ALERT OTHERS!  Cross the street.  Jump in a cab.  Run inside a building.  Do whatever you can to get away before they approach you.  If you are trapped on a bus, your only option is to cooperate.  Give them what they are after.  Do not attempt to fight them.  Knowing this in advance, you may wish to carry as few as valuables as possible.  If you are attacked, pay as close attention to as many details as possible to give the police the best description possible. 

At any given time there are less than 5,000 Chicago Police Officers on duty.  They cannot possibly protect the millions within our country’s third largest city.  We have to take responsibility for our actions, remain alert and remain ready to alert others.  The more prepared we are, the more difficult time these mobs will have!  Share this information with others.  Be smart – Be Ready – Be Safe!