Dangerous Wasp Spray Myth

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I thought this myth had been squashed, but unfortunately it has reappeared.  Now the claims are becoming even more outrageous.  Since the bear attack fatality in Yellowstone earlier this month, some are now claiming wasp spray can be used to deter attacking bears. 


It’s hard to imagine that anyone would recommend wasp spray to deter an attacking bear.  After all, wasp spray is designed to be sprayed at a non-moving nest of small insects.  Aside from being able to travel up to 60 miles per hour, bears are equipped with claws and a powerful jaw making them one of the fiercest beasts in North America!    


When going into bear country, park rangers will advise you to carry bear spray.  Additionally, I created the following video focusing on four additional safety factors for you to consider:

    1. Don’t Believe Everything You Read or See on the Internet

    2. Compare Canister Labels - Bear Spray & Wasp Spray

    3. Compare Spray Patterns – Bear Spray & Wasp Spray

    4. Contact the EPA, Health Canada & Wasp Spray Manufacturers for confirmation

     (I used an inert, practice canister of bear spray in this video.)


Bear Attack Deterrent sprays are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and have been proven effective to deter attacking bears.  The effects of bear spray are temporary allowing both the bear and the outdoorsman to continue to enjoy life in the great outdoors.  Save the wasp spray for the insects.  If you are going into bear country, protect yourself and your family with a canister of bear spray!