Sunday, February 06, 2011

Fight, Flight or Freeze! These are your only options when you are attacked! Which do you think is the most desirable? If you were attacked right now, which would be most likely? Here is the unfortunate truth, if you are not physically and mentally prepared to defend yourself, you will freeze!

Statistically speaking, murder is 5x’s more likely to occur than dying in a fire. Smoke detectors can be found in nearly every residence, but many people living in these homes do NOT have a personal safety plan for themselves or their family. How about you? Are you prepared? Just as you safeguard your home from fire, you should safeguard yourself and your loved ones by being proactive when it comes to personal safety. A little attention now could save you and yours from physical and emotional trauma. Being proactive about your personal safety doesn’t require significant time or effort and the benefits are immeasurable!

When it comes to personal safety, I’m a huge proponent of ending an encounter without going hands on. Why go hands on with someone when you can diffuse the situation from a distance? Your attacker could be faster, stronger or more skilled. He’s also always prepared for the encounter because he chooses when to strike! SABRE’s Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) provides simple solutions to keep you and your family safe. The focus is on keeping it simple and keeping your threat at a distance!

I’m also a huge proponent of personal safety sprays commonly referred to as ‘pepper spray’ or ‘mace’. Compact, inexpensive and easy to use, they provide protection at a safe distance against multiple threats if need be. There are two fears some have concerning these products; will I spray myself or will the attacker take the spray and use it on me? While CSAP addresses these concerns, your assailant hopes you fear these scenarios. He’d much rather attack someone who does not have a personal safety spray!

Though some fears exist, tens of millions of Americans carry self defense sprays for personal protection. Many do not know how to use them properly and/or are not prepared to use them. I created CSAP to specifically address these fears and prepare those not in uniform to protect themselves.

Simple is vital when humans undergo stress during an attack, but your ideal outcome is the attack not occurring at all. I can teach you risk reduction techniques to discourage an attacker. I can teach you how to protect yourself at a safe distance and you will learn the best self defense techniques to escape an attacker. You have one life and one family.

Be Smart – Be Ready – Be Safe!