The Preferred Personal Safety Product - mace – pepper spray – personal safety sprays

Monday, January 31, 2011

There are several reasons why I believe personal safety sprays (commonly referred to as mace or pepper spray) are the best option for you to protect yourself and your family. Pepper spray, mace or defense sprays provide the following advantages:

          1. Protection at a Safe Distance
          2. Effective against Multiple Threats or Attackers
          3. A Force Multiplier
          4. Easy to Use
          5. Legal to Carry in all 50 States
          6. Aids in Maintaining Alertness

A good personal safety spray will have a range of at least ten (10) feet or three (3) meters offering protection at a safe distance.Why go hands on when you can diffuse the situation from a distance?

Another huge advantage is the ability to deter multiple threats or attackers. Carry a pepper spray which contains at least 10 bursts. Spray the closest threat first!

Superior to an impact weapon such as a bat, pepper spray is a force multiplier. Aside from the disadvantage of being close to your attacker, if you want to hit someone hard with a bat or baton, you have to swing hard. Swinging hard requires size and strength. Pepper spray does not require either. Regardless of your size or strength, your personal safety spray will deliver distance, velocity and stopping power with each burst!

Americans live very busy lives. How much time do you have to devote to your personal safety? Do you have the time, money and desire to dedicate to weekly self defense courses? Personal safety sprays are easy to use. If you really want to increase your personal safety, CSAP, my short, practical and inexpensive class, will provide you with a safety mindset and the experience to help you protect yourself when under stress during an attack.

Finally, you can protect yourself in all fifty (50) states with personal safety sprays. Carrying mace or pepper spray will remind you to stay alert and aware of your surroundings which discourage attacks and also better prepares you to take action when you encounter a threat.