Empower Yourself with CPR Training: Tis the Season to Save a Life

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Yesterday I was driving back from my Thanksgiving Holiday and I came up on a horrific accident involving a motorcycle. The driver was gravely injured and laying in the road. There were dozens of motorists who had already stopped, and were moving towards the victim to give aid. That got me thinking.  It has been years since I have taken a CPR Class, that is something everyone needs to brush up on every few years. It is as important as Self-Defense training, you never know when you might need to help save a life.


According to a recent article in Time Magazine: “the latest study published in the journal JAMA, even if you aren’t a professional emergency medical technician, administering CPR to someone in distress can increase their likelihood to survive cardiac arrest.


Administering CPR can be intimidating, and bystanders are often reluctant to do so if they feel untrained. But the stats show that bystanders are very often critical in saving a victim’s life. Otherwise, too much time can pass between an individual going into cardiac arrest and when emergency services get to them. That’s why bystanders are encouraged to administer CPR when someone is in need. While mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can make people nervous, research has shown that chest pumps alone can do the trick. In fact, such methods are very effective during emergencies to preserve brain function and breathing.”

As we head into the holiday season, think about giving yourself and your family the gift of CPR Training. Knowing you have the tools that could possibly help save a life is empowering and gratifying. Helping people is what life is all about, especially in their time of need.

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