WGN Interview: Campus Safety Tips

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Parents are getting ready to send their kids off to college, some for the first time—so it’s no surprise safety is once again making headlines. To share some useful tips, David Nance, Personal Safety Expert and SABRE CEO/V.P. of Sales & Marketing, spoke with Frank Fontana on WGN, Chicago’s leading news source and home to the area’s most popular on-air personalities. 

Some key college safety takeaways:

  • Don’t prop your dorm or apartment buildings entrance doors open to let in friends
  • ALWAYS lock your apartment or dorm room door 
  • Don’t let a stranger follow you too closely 
  • Don’t post where you’re going in real time on social media
  • Be aware of your surroundings—have a relaxed alertness about you (“Condition Yellow”) 
  • Go to for more information on sexual assault prevention
  • Have a personal safety product

Recommended products:

  • Pepper spray or pepper gel
  • Dorm/Apartment Kit 

Listen to the entire clip, and have a safe semester!