WGN Interview: Holiday Safety & Home Security

Monday, November 28, 2016

With all the hubbub of the holidays, it’s easy to let safety concern fall by the wayside. But it’s important to keep your home and family secure. WGN listeners learned how to do just that in a recent interview with David Nance, Personal Safety Expert and SABRE CEO/V.P. of Sales & Marketing.

“Unfortunately, yes, there is a spike in crime this time of the year,” explained David before answering questions about holiday safety. “As far as home security is concerned, you see up to 4,000 more home intrusions this time of the year during the holiday season, in November and December.”

David notes that…

  • Some social media (so-called) friends may be watching to see when you’re going out of town – they’re looking for a soft target.

  • There’s a 60% chance a burglar will abandon a target if it sees a home security system.

  • Burglars also look for dogs and people before deciding which house to enter.

  • If a home security system isn’t in your budget, you can get standalone alarms or home security signs.

  • Protect your bedroom (the first place burglars look) with a Door Handle Alarm.

David also had some tips for self-defense...

  • When shopping, get to and from your car safely. Look for a well-lit parking spot close to the main entry.

  • Make yourself a hard target with pepper spray, pepper gel and/or a personal alarm.

  • Be present, and look confident. Be engaged in your surroundings. Criminals use the 4 Ts: targeting, testing, trauma and takeoff.

Listen to the whole segment, and have a safe and secure holiday season!