Your comprehensive safety plan with simple solutions to keep you and your family safe!


The SABRE Personal Safety Academy consists of two programs, the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) and the SABRE College Safety Program (CSP).

Register for either the Civilian Safety Awareness (CSAP) or College Safety class and you will learn:

  • how to embrace your safety mindset to discourage potential threats
  • how to identify potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them 
  • how to feel empowered and confident to live life with peace of mind 

Sometimes, you can do everything right and bad things still happen. So, you will also learn:

  • how to protect yourself at a safe distance
  • how to use personal safety sprays responsibly and effectively
  • how to escape an attacker 


  • Developed for anyone who wants to take control of their own personal safety:
    • men, women, business people, stay at home parents, runners, commuters, the elderly, social groups, and many more
  • Addresses a wide range of scenarios that most people encounter on a regular basis
  • You'll learn simplified safety techniques that are easy to apply & remember
  • You'll learn methods to protect yourself no matter your skill level or physical ability

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  • Teaches the same simplified safety techniques as CSAP class, but with a major emphasis on college-specific social scenes, campus surroundings, and student lifestyles
  • Specifically tailored to address student life on and off campus, especially freshmen students who are new to the college environment 
  • Caters to college students who are transitioning from living under parents supervision to young adult on his/her own 

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